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CREATED ON 01/2020

Singulart has created a special charitable collection titled​https://www.singulart.com/en/artworks/mo-tuncay--green-valley-acrylic-painting-32x32--296229​​​ 'Support for Australia.'
All of Singulart's profits from this collection will be directly donated to a range of Australian organisations in need of help: WIRES (which aids in the rescue and recovery of native wildlife), the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, the South Australian Bushfire Appeal and the Rural Fire Service and their associated programs (the official firefighting bodies and relief fundraisers for each affected state.)

Any purchase from this collection will result in a direct donation to Australian people and animals affected by the ongoing bushfire disaster. 
Thank you to our artists for submitting their art to feature in this collection, and thank you in advance to all who purchase a piece from this collection.

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The joy of creation, paintings by Mo Tuncay

Sometimes we meet painters who emanate the joy of creating their art. One of them is without doubt Mo Tuncay. This joyful manner can be seen not only in the artist's open, strong and honest painting character, but also in his attitude towards art.

"I cannot tell you how excited I was, when I discoverd the art of painting! As if all my life-experiences wanted to be expressed at once "  Mo Tuncay

Mo Tuncay compositions are characterized by a harmonious, fresh color perfectly matched in the blur and stain of the artwork surface, in a light and sensed directionality of form, and ease of taking up the topic. The painter is not limited to one thematic thread, in a gentle and natural way he refers to his characteristic motifs.
Your biography says that you spent your childhood in your hometown in
Turkey. Do the culture, aesthetics and general climate of this region
still have an influence on your creativity?
Mo Tuncay:  Very good question, I was born in a small village in Turkey between high mountains with snow on the top. Our village was surrounded by green fruit trees and with rich blossoms during the spring. As a child, my own village and the old buildings were my inspiration. I can still say you can find my village in some of my paintings.
In your artworks, you can often see nature inspiration. Do you paint
based on memories, imaginations or do you follow impressions from
places that surround you?
I do not use any examples or pictures for my paintings when I paint nature-based paintings, just my imagination from the past or what I see during my walks in Leusden where I live now.

What is most important for you in painting? What is the biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is my girlfriend for the abstract ( semi-abstract works) she poses often in my art studio, she is a dancer and gives me the best feeling when she dances around me. ( check my painting examples “ Don't be shy “
Do you consider yourself a painter fully realized/ developed? 
I will say that I am not a fully realized painter because I learn every day and I am still searching for things on the canvas till I am satisfied.
What plans and goals for the future?
Last summer I had an exhibition in Paris, in the future I would like to exhibit in London and Art Basel. In the future, I will open my own art gallery in Amsterdam.

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Abstract art is any art that is non-representational and does not intend to portray an accurate representation of visual reality. Artists who work with abstraction often employ color, form and mark-making in order to achieve the desired effect and to convey a message, emotion or their own perception of reality.

What Makes Art Abstract?

Abstract art is a broad and varied movement that exists on a continuum. To abstract something is to explore it separately from something else, or indeed to remove it from its original source. In this way we can apply the term to art that is based on objective reality, where the artist has taken an object, figure or a landscape as their source but has simplified and reorganized the forms in such a way that the image is no longer a faithful visual representation.

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Octopus Energy art: Portraits from the precipice

This art is about to be displayed on billboards throughout the UK to tackle climate change with renewable energy company, Octopus Energy. We'll donate our commission on all sales from this collection to charity, Renewable World

Absolutely thrilled to be included and shortlisted with my large painting 100x140 cm for the Octopus Energy UK Climate Change Art Prize 

This large abstract painting has been created for the 'Portraits from the Precipice' project. Artfinder are working in partnership with leading UK-based green energy company Octopus Energy to raise awareness of climate change.


“When you let your mind wander, there is no telling where it might take you. To stormy waters with their mysterious depths, beheld in a flash of lightning or the serene touch of the moon. To a safe haven, a warm, comforting site of soothing dreams, that welcomes you on waters that still ripple slightly with the incoming tide. Or perhaps, you find your way to the clouds instead, setting sail and taking flight as you wish to see it all in one breathless glimpse, soaring over the fascinating realm of thought.“


It upsets me to realize that the change we are making will be definitive at one point
in time. Colors will be disappearing and great variety of species will belong to the past.



As we say goodbye to one decade and enter another, we can't help reflecting on how the art world has changed tremendously over the past ten years. With online art buying now a norm, we're so excited to look ahead at what's to come.

Discover the artists set to rock the art stage in 2020 and beyond, and join us in looking back on an exciting year.

Art By Mo Tuncay

Pictures from the exhibition in paris

Galerie sonia monti paris
Exhibition in Paris
Exhibition in Paris

Exhibition in Paris
Exhibition in Paris

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